Research & Development

R & D Cooperation

AKI cooperates with reknown clinical experts for product enhancements and product developments:

  • Prof Nehrer, Donau University Krems, Austria (biological treatment of osteoarthritis)
  • PD Dr Nöth, Würzburg University, Germany (use of biological processes for the regeneration of articular cartilage in the hip joint)
  • Dr Schulz et al., Leipzig University, Germany (controlled compression type I collagen matrix by centrifugation)



Intervertebral disc

AKI offers an implant for the reconstruction of the nucleus in the treatment of herniated discs (collagen matrix) to restore the natural shock absorbing capacity of the disc (REPLACE).

Moreover, a sealing system was developed for the annulus (CLOSURE). The oblong implant is implanted into the intervertebral disc arthroscopically or by means of mini-arthrotomy and remains stable in the defect. After implantation, the sealing system is introduced through the access channel.